In the Garden

IN THE GARDEN is a collaborative creative project that explores the self-organizing intelligence at the heart of nature.

For millennia the world was seen as a creative, interconnected web of life, constantly growing, developing, and unfolding itself. By reviving this ancient point of view, we hope to show how to re-engage our creative partnership with nature and encourage new ways to collaborate with nature’s intelligence, internally within ourselves and externally in the world at large.

IN THE GARDEN is a creative, empowering, community-building initiative including a community self-actualization workshop(s), a performance laboratory, and culminating in a public performance spectacle designed to inspire and liberate the intelligence of our own inherent creativity, so that together we can transform the world.

Guided by the age-old transformational art of Alchemy, this project dives deep into the many facets of individual transformation through various creative processes following a narrative cycle of loss and restoration of form: this is the basic rhythm of alchemical transformation. It is expressed in the formula, ‘solve at coagula’: wandering, allowing a purpose or goal to emerge, reaching and integrating that goal, then letting it go when it no longer serves us, resting and repeating.

We all live these cycles unconsciously in micro and macro ways throughout our life. Inquiring deeply into the process of transformation is not just an entertaining way to pass the time, it is about uncovering and becoming the person you were meant to be in order to share your gifts with the world. The world desperately needs creative people now to bring forth the solutions to our many seemingly intractable problems.

We are all alchemists of our own domain contributing to the restoration of the wholeness of the world. IN THE GARDEN aims to inspire and facilitate the public’s creative unfoldment of our best possible future.

In short
Performance laboratory (collaborative rehearsal process)
A public workshop on transformation
Stories of transformation expressed through a 90 minute dance-theatre performance

“Alchemistas” is project with 3 components, a rehearsal process, a workshop on creation for general audiences, and live performance. Inspired by the middle ages philosophical inquiry of “alchemical transformation”, this project dives deep into the many facets of individual transformation through process and personal story: wandering, finding a purpose or goal, reaching that goal, and letting it go when it no longer serves us, ascending to our next inquiry. Since we all live these cycles throughout life, we are all able to be alchemists of our domain. Through an ongoing rehearsal process artists compile stories of personal transformation to be told through a 90 minute dance-theatre piece. During this rehearsal period artists will present a workshop on personal transformation and the process of creation for the public.