Midday Movement Class

Midday Movement Class


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


The Dance Complex
550 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, 02139

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Taught by Artistic Director Callie Chapman

Grounded in contemporary modern styles influenced by Limon, improvisation, ballet, and somatics this class helps build a solid foundational base for your dance as performance training.  Focusing the priorities on the dynamic interplay of being grounded while spiraling vertically we take our vertical off center, become conscious of the transference of weight, harness the articulation of the joints, hold space in the corners of movement paths, give priority to timing and the music and noticing how it drives the dynamics and speed, cultivate a sense of space internally and within our dancing space, and execute challenging movement phrases which are anchored with those principles as priorities.  Each class starts out on the floor with a familiar and consistent exercise to help weight ourselves and activate our core motivators.  From the floor we rise to standing incorporating traditional and contemporary exercises that warm and motivate focusing on specific areas of the body and their interplay.  Across the floor exercises follow and lead up to a phrase which takes themes from the class and incorporates them for exploration.  This class is geared toward professional dancers with a intermediate/advanced level focus.


When: Tue/Wed/Thu @ 12-2 PM*
Where: The Dance Complex
536 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
Price: $5 first-time, $12 drop-in, $50 for a 5-class card


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