The Intersection of Live Performance and Digital Composition

The Intersection of Live Performance and Digital Composition


9:00 am - 11:30 am


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The Studio at 550
550 Massachusetts Ave, cambridge, ma, 02139

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In this workshop we will be exploring time/space possibilities made visible via digital video technologies. Using a live camera feed, graphical generators, and various displays participants will explore: feedback loops, geometric shapes, duplication, repetition, frequency, and other compositional elements used in both traditional choreography and digital visual composition. In the inter-sectional space where live performance and digital space exists, the workshop student has agency in defining where the performance composition exists. On the spectrum of existence, students can choose the manipulation of digital space is merely an instigation for choreographic exploration, using the live performance as well as digital media displayed via a projector on a surface, or composing a complete digital dance composition with no live performance.

Sessions in this workshop are:


Defining compositional space – In physical, digital, or both
Defining basic concepts of time/space as it pertains to both live performance (dance), and digital video
Exploring where the intersections can meet and what tangible resources can be used (projection, displays, surfaces)


Jumping off from what we have defined in ‘rooting’, being able to translate to what we already know (dance) – frequencies, distance, looping, overlapping juxtaposition
Working with these concepts either in one form or another (digital and live performance)
Working with these concepts simultaneously to compliment, or to reproduce (using a projector or large display)


Using all of the accumulated tools Rooted and Explored, students will have one workshop session to compose a short study and share with one another to discuss.


Required Materials:

The bare minimum is to bring yourself to this workshop ready to compose and be able to either perform your own composition, or instruct someone else.

Useful Materials:
In addition to yourself, you can also bring a laptop loaded with either a full or demo version of Isadora (1.x, 2.x, or 3.x). 

If you have worked or played in the digital space before you are also welcome to bring your own gear as long as basic setup time is less than 15 minutes.


Cost is $120 and will need a minimum of 5 workshop participants to run.

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Bookings are closed for this event.

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