Fetus beginning    6:19

transition – push together in group, Andrea falls out – Andrea goes into audience – rest go into line on stage right

Sequential duets    7:23

transition – Arthur and Lonnie pull each other to stage left. Romina and Gina enter from either side of the stage

Playful Duets    2:39

transition – Lonnie starts from stage left and Arthur follows.  They pass R + G and as the pass the group on stage right the group joins as well

Telephone Canon    3:33

SCRIM COMES UP – CALLIE AND ANDREA PULL ROPE about 1/2 way through telephone canon

        transition – MaryRose continues weaving and eventually comes downstage center, confronts audience and peels to the side.  Everyone (except Lonnie) follows suit (one by one)

Lonnie Solo    3:22

transition – group walks back and forth 5x and ends in a line at the back

Moving Forward Line    7:50

transition – talking to camera – Caroline covers mouth and stands as the fist one in the train line.  Rest of group keeps talking and scoots back to behind ‘special’ (gradually to standing)

Train Line    7:53

transition – flop like fish and flop off.  Kat and Caroline go off stage to get string and enter from opposite sides.

Playful Duet with string #2    silence/computer voice 2:00 – 3:00
[This is generated within Isadora in real-time, hence I don’t have the audio as a recording.  If you need the text, let me know]

transition – K + C on stage still. Romina enters with big sweater and skein under it.  Walks around K+C and they take hold.  R gets rest of group to hold string.

Yuka and Arthur String Tangle    4:30

transition – Yuka goes off, Andrea leads Romina to collect string and meets Lonnie in the center.  Andrea and Lonnie take sweater off Romina and collect string.

Dancy Section    4:25

walk forward, lights out

transition – in the dark/during projection get somewhat undressed (some leaving more layers than others)

Projection    7:00 (ish)
– scrim needs to be lowered before the lights come up, but after sunset video…Need someone on the other side


lights up slowly while dancers move into starting places as the film ends

Half-Dressed solos 4:08
Retrograde (possibly movement as well) back to fetus.  starts more central, end more peripheral


and here’s what I’m thinking as far as tops (in brown because taupe is sold out):



1st Phrase


As of Jan 17, 2014 the order:

  • Beginning – floor
  • Duet Series
  • Playful Duets
  • Telephone Canon
  • Lonnie Solo
  • Moving Forward Line
  • Train line
  • Playful Duets (with string)
  • into -> Yuka solo with Arthur
  • Phrase Section
  • black out – projection – audio
  • All solos (TBD)


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