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Zoe Dance was selected as one of the finalists in the first ever Illuminus Festival in Boston. The bold, new festival is going to take place in and around 500 Harrison Ave. in Boston on Oct. 25. We are honored to be a part in a very fitting (and very exciting) opportunity to showcase our work alongside many other top-notch projection artists.

Our new piece, entitled “Soaked” will integrate underwater live video streaming from inside the pool at the Boston Sports Club’s pool on Harrison Ave. Audience members will watch from the windows to inside the pool deck as the performers immerse themselves in the water and on the pool deck playing out fantasies and surreal dreamscapes of the live streaming (from under the water) and pre-recorded images.

The Illuminus Festival has secured in-kind donations including all the technical “stuff” to make this happen.


The festival is unable at this time to secure the necessary funds to pay the people.

So we are reaching out to YOU!

As the last few years have gone by you have watched us build our interest in integrating technology with the dance. From the first inception of “Echo” at the BCA’s Movement at the Mills in 2012, to “Past is Prelude” in 2013, and our most recent “I AM HERE NOW” this past February/March. All were fantastic processes with the most committed and lovely performers and technicians. (And a tidbit of info: All of the projection work was facilitated (designed and operated) by Artistic Director Callie Chapman Korn.)

“Soaked” will culminate in a very site-specific work that tackles the very essence of progressive art. Not only because it integrates technology not as readily available in the not so distant past, but it integrates cutting edge work with that cutting edge technology. Since our familiarity with projection, image mapping, live video streaming, and live video manipulation is not new we need the opportunity to step it up a notch. To present our work in a visible context to audience that reaches far beyond what the (wonderful, kind, generous) dance audience is. It’s a chance to be more visible. It’s a chance to present work without (artistic) boundries.

The Illuminus Festival seems like the perfect fit



is our goal to appropriately

pay our people.

That’s it.


The stuff is there and waiting for us to embody the vision.

Any amount is helpful and will enable us to make the next step.

After 13 Seasons, Zoe Dance is ready.

Are you?

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