Post Performance Update

First off, thank you to those who came out to see us and expandance at Oberon.  It was truly a delightful experience to share art with you (as well as with each other).  I believe that this kind of cross-cultural/geographical sharing needs to be done more often as it informs and enlivens the local scene.

We learned about each other a bit more than we already knew and got a glimpse of what makes the other tick.  Also, sharing a physical space was special too.  The open rehearsal/improvisation between the companies was very special indeed, just take a look here: Open Rehearsal on Vimeo

From a less positive perspective, we are still to fully fund this wonderful experience.  We need abut $1000 to cover costs including an additional $1600 to pay dancers.  I always find it a little insane when this happens.

We took over a year to create “LEFT”.  Rehearsal hours are almost endless.  There is the time spent creating the art and then, there is time spent marketing the art: videos, emails, photos, websites, postcards, posters, phone calls, networking.  That time is never factored in because, in the grand scheme of things, we are not viable as a company and it would be senseless at this point to pay for my time.  We would have to charge an arm and a leg if we only depended on ticket sales to meet costs.  That is why so many arts organizations have folded.  If the donations don’t come in, in a traditional non-profit corporation model, it doesn’t work.

But I guess we are crazy.  Crazy enough to still dance for you for less than nothing.  Crazy to put all of my effort into a company where the purpose is to create something, rather than to make profit.  Crazy to give up that 9-5 stable well-paying job and work at a place that I love in order to pay out of pocket to fund my art.  Absolutely insane!  But what choice do we have, really?  This is our calling and we are sharing it with whomever wants to experience it.  It’s giving on two different levels: On stage, in the moment and also with our “chosen” lifestyle (which for us isn’t really a choice anyway).

Please consider all of this and give what you can.  Every little bit helps.  I know people say it, but really it does!  $5 is not too little, $10 isn’t too little…Think about what you could spend it on instead and ask yourself is that  $3 coffee and $2 muffin going to buy you the same feeling as giving $5 to a dance company that will make you feel, think and breath differently?

Thank you,


Zoe performs at Oberon with Irish/NYC-based expandance!

Zoe Dance is excited to be performing alongside expandance, a dance company based in both NYC and Ireland! Save the date for January 22 (Sun.) and 23 (Mon.) at the hip venue Oberon! Please consider making your end of the year contribution in support of this fabulous production of over 2.5 hours of dance! See you there! \\\"LEFT\\\" is a dance-theatre work inspired by the events surrounding the 1973 coup in Chile. It was performed Sept. 9, 10 + 11, 2011. Although we ran a fundraising campaign before the show, we still are short of our goal to meet production costs.

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