Zoe Dance and expandance perform at Oberon in January!

Zoe Dance and expandance perfrom at OberonThere’s going to be some fun times ahead!  expandance, both based in NYC and Ireland is coming to Boston to perform alongside Zoe January 22 (Sun.) and 23 (Mon.) at the very hip (and very exciting) venue Oberon.  Together, there will be over 2.5 hours of dance that will move you…around the space and hopefully, viscerally too.

In this fabulous line up Zoe will present “LEFT” in its second rendition with some changes and favorites.  And of course all of these exciting things cost money.  Relying on ticket sales is not realistic because all the work we do, costumes that are made, rehearsal space that is rented, sweat that is spent far surpasses the $20 you spend on your ticket to get in.  We want to make our work accessible so it’s not for the super rich…it’s for YOU!  But in order to make that happen we have to subsidize unfortunately.  The government is not doing it and even grant-giving organizations aren’t doing much of it any more, so that leaves YOU (well, and me…my own favorite donor).

So please consider giving to Zoe this holiday season as part of your end of the year contributions.  Please remember that it is also TAX DEDUCTIBLE as well.

We are anxious to show you what we are up to and will be posting rehearsal footage soon!  Can’t wait.

Zoe performs at Oberon with Irish/NYC-based expandance!

Zoe Dance is excited to be performing alongside expandance, a dance company based in both NYC and Ireland! Save the date for January 22 (Sun.) and 23 (Mon.) at the hip venue Oberon! Please consider making your end of the year contribution in support of this fabulous production of over 2.5 hours of dance! See you there! \\\"LEFT\\\" is a dance-theatre work inspired by the events surrounding the 1973 coup in Chile. It was performed Sept. 9, 10 + 11, 2011. Although we ran a fundraising campaign before the show, we still are short of our goal to meet production costs.

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